May 21, 2023

Series: Awoke

Book: Ephesians

🔍 Discover the Power of Truthfulness in Relationships | Pastor Rick | Awoke Series | Discovery Fellowship Church

📖 Are you curious about the importance of speaking truth to one another? Join Pastor Rick in the eleventh message of our captivating series, “Awoke,” as we dive into the book of Ephesians. In this impactful sermon titled “Truthfulness,” we explore how God desires believers to live differently and authentically communicate with one another.

💡 Gain insights from thought-provoking stories, including a student’s pursuit of writing a paper on Jonah from the Bible and a comparison between German and English youth. Discover the commitment and passion people have for various causes, both true and false, and learn what God expects of us as believers based on the teachings in Ephesians.

🤝 Uncover the three challenges associated with truthfulness: accuracy, courage, and love. Explore the significance of accuracy in verifying information, the courage to speak the truth even when it’s unwelcome, and the importance of expressing love through truthful communication that prioritizes others’ well-being.

⚡ Don’t miss the valuable insights on managing anger positively. Learn how to control anger in a way that aligns with God’s teachings and prevents long-term bitterness. Discover the dangers of prolonged anger and its potential to give the devil a foothold in our lives.

💬 Join us for this inspiring message and discover how truthfulness and managing anger can transform your relationships. Let’s strive to be a community that speaks truth, loves one another, and follows God’s guidance.

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