There’s a New King in Town

March 11, 2024

Dive into an engaging exploration of what the Kingdom of Heaven truly means with Pastor Nathan Webb from Discovery Fellowship Church. In this sermon, Pastor Nathan adeptly navigates through scripture, everyday analogies, and a sprinkle of humor to unveil the multi-faceted concept of God’s Kingdom. Whether you’re a cinephile seeing kingdoms through movies like Dune and The Lord of the Rings, or a history enthusiast pondering the empires of old, this episode speaks to hearts and minds alike.

Uncover the three pillars that define the Kingdom of Heaven: the power of God, the people within, and the place of His eternal reign. Pastor Nathan challenges us to rethink our understanding of the gospel and the afterlife, encouraging a deeper, more impactful engagement with our faith.

This isn’t just a sermon—it’s an invitation to journey deeper into your faith, questioning, and understanding the role of God’s Kingdom in our lives today. How do we live in anticipation of God’s Kingdom here and now? How does this understanding shape our actions, decisions, and interactions with the world around us?

Join us for a thought-provoking session that promises to enrich your spiritual journey and challenge your perceptions of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Understanding the Kingdom: How does the concept of the Kingdom of Heaven, as explained by Pastor Nathan, challenge or expand your previous understanding of God’s reign? Can you share examples from your life or scripture that align with this expanded view?
  2. The Gospel and Us: Pastor Nathan mentioned a more comprehensive understanding of the gospel beyond personal salvation. Discuss how this broader perspective impacts our daily lives and responsibilities as Christians. How does it shift our focus in terms of discipleship and community engagement?
  3. Living in the Kingdom Now: Considering Jesus’ teaching that the Kingdom of God is “in your midst,” how can we practically live out the reality of God’s Kingdom in our current context? Share specific actions or changes you can make in your personal, work, or community life.
  4. Balancing the Kingdom’s Aspects: Reflect on the balance between the three aspects of the Kingdom (God’s power, the people, and the place). Can you identify areas in your faith journey where you might have focused too much on one aspect at the expense of others? Discuss ways to achieve a more balanced perspective.
  5. Mission and Invitation: Easter is a significant time for outreach and invitation. Discuss the importance of inviting others to experience the Kingdom of Heaven, especially during Easter. Brainstorm practical ways your group can extend invitations to those who may not know Jesus, focusing on both the message of resurrection and the ongoing presence of the Kingdom.