The Perils of Prosperity

October 1, 2023

Book: Amos

Do you ever chase after possessions, wealth and comfort more than pursuing God? In this podcast, Pastor Matt Braggins dives into the book of Amos, examining how prosperity led to complacency and moral decay for the Israelites. Just like today, valuing materialism over God is tempting but dangerous. Learn how misplaced priorities can lead to false security, mistreating others, and spiritual decay. As we’re warned by Amos’ message, let’s store up treasure in Christ alone and examine our hearts.

Discussion Questions:

1. What “prosperity gospel” messages have you heard that sound biblically off? Why can wealth wrongly become an idol?

2. When have you realized your love of possessions was crowding out caring for others or pursuing God? What was the result?

3. How can we steward money and resources well for God’s kingdom if our hearts are in the right place? What should our perspective be?

4. What practical ways can you store up treasure in Christ rather than putting hope in earthly wealth?

5. How can this message help you evaluate your priorities? What’s one area you can change to avoid the pitfalls Amos described?