Resolved and Ready for 2024

January 9, 2024

In today’s sermon, Pastor Rick Vannoy delivers an inspiring sermon titled “Resolved and Ready for 2024.” Join us as Pastor Rick weaves humor and spiritual wisdom into a powerful message about turning New Year’s resolutions into impactful actions. He challenges us to live our faith with sincerity and urgency, making a real difference in our lives and community. Reflect on your spiritual journey and find inspiration to make 2024 a year of meaningful growth and faith-led community involvement.

Discussion Questions:
1. What authentic actions can you take this year to deepen your faith?
2. How can you share your faith journey with others more effectively?
3. What role will spiritual discipline play in your life this year?
4. In what ways can you contribute to your community’s spiritual growth?
5. How can you maintain a sense of urgency in living out your faith?