Now It’s Personal

November 5, 2023

Get ready to be challenged as Pastor Rick Vannoy dives into Philippians 2:19-30, delivering an impactful sermon “Now It’s Personal” from the “Together We’re Better” series. Discover three vital lessons on accountability, godly leadership, and valuing those who lead us spiritually. Be inspired to pursue accountability, Christ-centered motivations in leadership, and humility in responding to God’s truth. Let this teaching compel you to take the next step in your spiritual growth!

Discussion Questions:

  • What particular part of Pastor Rick’s sermon stood out to you or impacted you most? Share a key takeaway.
  • Why is spiritual accountability so crucial for our growth? Do you currently have it in your life? If not, what step can you take?
  • What motivations for leadership please God? How can we lead like Timothy and Epaphroditus did?
  • Why must we value faithful leaders who bring us God’s truth? How could you show more appreciation?
  • What is one specific way you feel called to apply this sermon on accountability, leadership and humility?