Hunger & Thirst

February 19, 2024

Book: John

Join us as we listen to Pastor Rick Vannoy’s sermon, “Hunger & Thirst.” This week, Pastor Rick dives into what it means to truly seek and find fulfillment in our spiritual lives. With a closer look at Jesus and the Samaritan woman’s encounter, we explore the barriers we face in connecting with others and with God. Whether you’re curious about finding deeper meaning or looking to refresh your spiritual journey, this talk has something for you. We’ve also included some thought-provoking questions to kickstart conversations in your own circle. Tune in, reflect, and maybe even find answers to your own hunger and thirst.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Jesus and the Samaritan woman’s story: how does it make you rethink the way you view others?
  2. “Living water” – what’s this in your life? Think about times you’ve felt truly fulfilled.
  3. Rick mentions reaching out across divides. When did you last do something like that? What happened?
  4. How can we live out our faith more genuinely every day?
  5.  Where are you still seeking? How might you find what Jesus offers?