How it Fits Together

July 24, 2023

Series: Awoke

Book: Ephesians

Get ready for a practical, hard-hitting message on the power of prayer in spiritual warfare! In this episode, Pastor Rick dives into Ephesians 6:10-20 to unpack the essential role of prayer in standing firm against the enemy’s schemes.

You’ll be challenged to cultivate new habits and attitudes in prayer as Pastor Rick explains biblical strategies for making prayer a priority, developing an alertness to others’ battles, and growing in prayer through practical tools and partners. Whether you feel defeated in spiritual warfare or unequipped for the fight, this teaching will equip you with fresh vision and motivation to pray like never before.

Join us for this vital conversation about how prayer serves as command central for defeating the forces of darkness. You’ll walk away knowing exactly how prayer fits into spiritual vigilance and intentionality. Don’t miss out on this empowering message on the prayers that fuel the fight!

Key Points in This Episode:
– Why prayer must become more than just a “spiritual-sounding” priority
– When, how often, and with what focus we should be praying
– Helpful habits and tools to supercharge your prayer life
– Tips for praying for others in the body of Christ
– The power and provision of praying with other believers

Dive into Scripture with us and get what you need to pray with power and stand firm. It all starts with surrendering to the Spirit’s leading in prayer!