How Does Faith Fit?

February 5, 2023
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In this sermon, Pastor Rick tackles the issue of how two things can shake a person’s faith – God’s apparent inactivity in the face of suffering, or God’s apparent miscalculation when things don’t go as expected. Using the story of the prophet Habakkuk as an example, Pastor Rick explores the theme of disappointment with God. Habakkuk was disturbed by the injustice he saw in his world and God’s apparent disregard for it. However, when God responded, he challenged Habakkuk to have a broader perspective and continue to live by faith. The New Testament also emphasizes the importance of faith during difficult times, quoting Habakkuk’s statement that “the righteous will live by faith.” Join us as we delve into the question of how to reconcile a belief in a loving God with the presence of evil in the world.