Healthy is as Healthy Does

November 26, 2023

What does a healthy church actually look like? In this Faith Life Podcast episode, Pastor Rick Vannoy dives into his sermon “Healthy is as Healthy Does.” It’s part of the “Together We’re Better” series through Philippians. Using Philippians chapter 4, Pastor Rick outlines the key marks of a church standing firm – living in harmony, forebearance, prayerful gratitude, and pursuing spiritual excellence. When conflict happens, we must choose reconciliation and unity. Tune in to learn why this matters and discover some challenging but practical applications. Don’t miss this important teaching on what it means for a church to be Biblically healthy. Check the show notes for discussion questions to take this deeper. Join us as we explore the Scripture and draw closer to Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions:

1) Why is unity in the Body of Christ so important according to this passage? What threatens unity?
2) What does it mean to “forebear” with one another? Can you think of a relationship where you need to demonstrate more forebearance?
3) How can regularly giving thanks and having a spirit of gratitude help us during conflict or difficulty?
4) What are some ways your church family can concentrate more on “spiritual excellence” and stand firm in Jesus?
5) What is one application from this sermon that you want to put into practice this week? How will you make that happen?