Having, Giving & Truly Living

December 21, 2023

Welcome to our latest episode in the “Together We’re Better” sermon series, where we journey through the insightful book of Philippians. In this profound episode, Pastor Rick Vannoy shares his sermon titled “Having, Giving & Truly Living.” Dive into an exploration of the Christian perspectives on contentment, generosity, and the true essence of living a life rooted in Christ. Pastor Vannoy brings to life the teachings of Philippians, offering a transformative view on how we perceive our possessions, the act of giving, and finding joy in God’s blessings.

In This Episode:

  • Uncover the true meaning of contentment in both abundance and need.
  • Understand the deep spiritual significance of generosity in the Christian life.
  • Learn how to align your heart with God’s purpose through your possessions and actions.

Discussion Questions for Small Group or Bible Study:
1. How does Philippians 4:11-13 redefine our understanding of contentment in different life situations?
2. In what ways does the story of the Collyer brothers challenge our perspective on possessions and material wealth?
3. How can we practice generosity in our daily lives as demonstrated by the Philippians in the sermon?
4. What are some practical steps we can take to align our hearts with God’s purpose for our possessions?
5. Discuss how the principles of having and giving can lead to truly living a Christ-centered life.