March 20, 2023

Series: Awoke

Book: Ephesians

Are you tired of feeling like an outsider when it comes to God? Do you struggle to believe in Him or get to know Him? If so, join Pastor Rick in his latest sermon titled “Barriers” as he delves into the book of Ephesians and shares two important observations about people outside of the church. In this installment of the “Awoke” series, Pastor Rick highlights the difficulties many unchurched individuals face when it comes to believing in God. He encourages us to fight against these impressions and to remember that Jesus Christ has obliterated the roadblocks and hurdles that once existed between God and humanity. Drawing upon a passage from the Apostle Paul, Pastor Rick discusses the barriers that once separated humanity from God and how Jesus Christ has torn them down, providing a new way for all people to have direct access to God through faith in Him. Join us for this powerful message on tearing down barriers and gaining access to God through faith in Jesus Christ.