There has been a fair bit of unity discussion in my life lately. Maybe it is something that God is working on in my heart and how I need to act toward others. We have discussed the need for unity within the church body, we have been talking about playing and winning as a team at work, at home my bride has been challenging me to be united in our approach to handling hard conversations with our daughter, the even the world is begging for unity. The first points that come to mind are what are we being unified in. For example, there was great division recently within the sports and entertainment world. During the Superbowl (not sure if I can say that or if the NFL has that trademarked), there were those that wanted to see more of Travis and Taylor and there were others that didn’t want to see any of that drama. We don’t want unity for unity sake, especially when that unity isn’t drawing us closer to Jesus. That is exactly what Paul is saying in 1st Corinthians 6. He was calling out the Christians in Corinth saying that we should not have unity with sin and those whose lives are defined by sin, who don’t feel sorry for their sin, don’t call it sin, and ask you to take pride in their sins. We should love sinners, we should be in relationship with them, but not in fellowship with them, different discussion for another post, or find me at church and we can talk about what that might look like. We can’t ignore sin as we live in a world full of sin but we need to be united to Christ and brining others to meet Him. So what Paul was sharing in verse 17 of chapter 6 talks about how when we are united with Christ we take on His spirit, His essence, His power. We are not to find the spirit of this world familiar, we are strangers and foreigners here. Our power or attitudes our way of dealing with life is different because our essence is not the same as this world, it looks and smells like Jesus spirit. We therefore should take great joy in finding our identity as not of this world, not about our stuff, our prestige, out accomplishments, as the Spirit of the Lord gives us freedom from those trappings so we are therefore able to focus on what God has for us to do. I pray that we first are all united with the Lord, finding out who we are and what He expects of us. From there we can lean into His spirit and find more and more about what He is like and better aligning our thoughts, words, and deeds with His.