I recently wrote about how our bodies are not our own, but we are members of Christs’ body. He made us part of something so much greater and so much more impactful than we could ever be on our own. As we continue to look at what God calls us, the position we now have in Christ as fully His we come to see that what we do matters.

1st Corinthians 3 speaks of a persons work being judged by fire. We build upon the foundation that is Jesus, His bodily coming to Earth, His perfect life, His complete sacrifice, the fullness of His payment for our sins, past, present and future. Upon this rock the church is built and the gates of hell cannot stand against it. Our lives are a way we build upon that foundation, and we choose the materials, wood hay and stubble, or silver, gold and precious stones. The intriguing aspect today is not only what are the construction materials but what is the building type. Our lives are building a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. He, the Holy Spirit, entered into each believer’s life the moment we placed our trust in Jesus’ completed work on the cross. The Holy Spirit is the same Spirit that came down into the tabernacle (Exodus 40) Solomon’s temple (2nd Chronicles 7) and now He chooses to dwell in a new temple, not one made by human hands. We are that temple, our lives are the place we build for Him to dwell in.

We have the amazing opportunity to be the place where God’s Spirit lives, works and goes out into the world from. I am blessed to have an amazing home, a gas fireplace to cozy up with my bride, an office with lots of books to reflect and renew, a workshop where I can be creative, a bedroom where I can grab a nap and be rejuvenated, so many of my needs and wants are met there. I am able to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day when I wake up at home. I also travel often for work, staying at hotels, AirBnB etc. I am not as comfortable in that space; it is not mine. It was not decorated for me, it is missing comfort items that make my life just that little bit better. We are that for the Holy Spirit, our bodies and minds are His dwelling place, the Temple of the Holy Spirit. In my home I don’t have photos of my old girlfriends hanging on the walls. Similar to our bodies, we should remove those remnants of past choices that don’t bring God glory. Take down the idol photos and replace them with photos of Jesus, our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Our lives should reflect the reality of our status as custom-made temples and not a generic timeshare.