What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us. 1st Corinthians 2:12. Looking into the context of this gift is important. We have been given much, so much that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart could even conceive of the wonders that God has prepared for us to have. We don’t have the spirit of the world, the lost and confused spirit contrary to God’s will but the unifying truth bearing Spirit of God. When we think of the spirit of something the images of Spirit Days at school come to mind. I remember in high school when we were entering homecoming week we all proudly wore our school colors one day, we all wore 60s clothes (because the 80s were not yet viewed as cool since they had just happened) I even dressed up like a baby lamb, our school mascot to show how we were all of one mind, all singularly focused on encouraging our fledgling football team to victory. We showed support by dressing alike. I am not sure how that was supposed to make the football team run faster, block stronger, or even play smarter but they knew we were thinking about them and wanted them to succeed. We were united in spirit, all aligned wanting their victory.

However not everyone had that same “school spirit”. I remember there were some that didn’t wear purple on the appointed day and I wondered why not. Did they not like our school, at least more than the other one across town, did they not care about football, did they even own a purple shirt, did they simply forget? Many possible reasons not to have that spirit. Let that not be said of us on our “game days”. How much greater is the alignment we can have with Jesus, when He gives us His spirit. In Corinthians He promises us His spirit, He not only gives us the proper clothing to have the outward signs of being on His team, more importantly He promises us a true heart change, replacing the worlds spirit with His! How often am I taken captive by the world, focusing on temporary pain or pleasure instead of focusing on His spirt and what He wants to accomplish in and through me. I pray for each of you that today, just entering into the new year, that you will take the time to renew our reliance on His spirit to draw you to maturity in Christ. That could mean extra “hang time” with God in prayer, it could be more accountability, or Bible Study, increased Involvement with the body, not just volunteering but involving yourself in the life of other Christian’s, Tithing or Sharing your faith.