Who You Are

September 11, 2023

Welcome to Together We’re Better, a new sermon series through the book of Philippians. In this first message, Pastor Rick examines what the Apostle Paul wrote about our identity in Christ.

The church in Philippi was struggling with unity and confidence in their mission. But Paul encouraged them by highlighting three important attitudes they needed—and we need today—towards our local churches:

1) An eager recognition of who we are in Christ. Paul calls the Philippians “saints.” This means “holy ones” who have been set apart by God for his purposes. Despite our flaws, God sees us as his cherished possession.

2) A genuine gratefulness for what we share. Paul thanks God for the Philippians’ “participation in the gospel” over the years. They experienced true Christian unity through sacrificial teamwork advancing the good news of Christ.

3) A settled confidence in where we’re going.

Paul expresses complete assurance that the God who began a good work in them will carry it on to completion. The church’s success depends on God, not us. What would happen if we shared Paul’s high view of the church? If we saw fellow believers as saints, valued our common mission, and relied on God to fulfill his purposes? Our churches would experience greater joy, effectiveness, and impact for Christ!

For Further Discussion:

1) How has your perspective of the church changed after studying this passage?

2) Why is it important to see other believers as “saints”? How does this shape how you treat them?

3) What are some ways your church family has participated in advancing the gospel? How have you contributed?

4) When have you lacked confidence in where your church was headed? How can Paul’s words encourage you?

5)What is one attitude you want to adjust to align more with God’s view of the church?