Two Steps to a New You

January 1, 2024

Discover a deeper transformation with Pastor Matt Braggins in “Two Steps to a New You”!

In this enlightening episode from Discovery Fellowship Church, Pastor Matt delves into the essence of genuine change through Christ. Learn about surrendering to Jesus and fostering spiritual habits for a profound internal shift.

Reflect, grow, and connect with your faith. Join us for inspiring insights and practical steps towards a spiritually enriched life. 🙏

Discussion Questions:

1) How can you practice surrendering to Jesus in your daily life?
2) In what ways can you align your resolutions with God’s plans for you?
3) What does a Gospel-centered life look like in your everyday actions?
4) How can you actively grow in your relationship with Christ this year?
5) What steps can you take to impact your community positively through your faith journey?