Too Rarely Do We

September 17, 2023

Why don’t Christians express affection more openly today? In this podcast, Pastor Rick Vannoy examines the reasons we struggle to show love in his sermon “Too Rarely Do We” from the “Together We’re Better” series at Discovery Fellowship Church. Learn how experiencing God’s grace together in challenging ministry and praying earnestly for one another can cultivate deeper bonds in the body of Christ. Tune in to be challenged to build stronger relationships through practical application of Biblical truths.

Discussion Questions:

1. What cultural factors or personal hesitations hold us back from openly expressing affection as Christians today?
2. How can engaging in difficult ministry together, even when it costs us something, lead to stronger relationships in the church?
3. What are some ways we can make heartfelt prayer for fellow believers a regular habit? How could this impact your church?
4. Do you tend to focus on secondary issues versus the things that really matter most as a Christian? How can you grow in discernment?
5. After listening, what is one way you will apply this teaching to build stronger bonds of love in your church or small group?