August 13, 2023

Have you ever wondered why Jesus cried out “I thirst” while being crucified, even though he claimed to be living water that could quench our spiritual thirst? In this profound teaching, Pastor Rick Vannoy of Discovery Fellowship Church dives deep into the meaning behind Christ’s suffering on the cross.

By examining Exodus 17 and connecting it to John 19, Pastor Rick explains how Jesus bore the full judgment of God so that our spiritual thirst could be satisfied through him. Just as God told Moses to strike the rock so that water would flow for the grumbling Israelites, Jesus was struck so that the water of life could flow freely to all who believe.

On the cross, Jesus volunteered to take the punishment we deserved so that our souls could be healed and our thirst quenched eternally. Listen as Pastor Rick draws out the beauty of Christ’s sacrifice and how we can receive the free gift of living water through faith in him.