The Whole Package

December 10, 2023
The Whole Package

Get the entire package on fortifying unity, joy and moral purity in this podcast on Philippians! Join Pastor Rick as he brings home 4 vital ways to stand firm together in excellence as Christ’s followers.

Does your church grapple with disharmony and offenses? Discover how to resolve conflicts through grace and forgiveness. Renew relationships that shine the love of Jesus.

Tired of status quo Christianity? This motivating message will challenge smug complacency head-on! Catch a vision to rejoice always, pray thankfully, and detox your mind from cultural pollution.

Ready for a faith-filled revival? Be inspired by the story of one unlikely bedridden prayer warrior used by God. Her persistence sparked an astonishing work of the Spirit! Hear how you can seek God wholeheartedly.

Let this compelling teaching help you refuse mediocrity and passive religion. Instead, embrace the biblical model of living in peace, purpose and purity as the Body of Christ!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Which of the 4 main points challenged you most? Why is that area hard?
  2. How can we practically “let gentleness be known to all” in everyday relationships?
  3. What excellences could you focus on to detox your mind from cultural sewage?
  4. Who are some godly role models you can learn from and emulate?
  5. What’s one thing you will change to avoid settling for complacency and mediocrity?