The Road of Restoration

October 8, 2023

Book: Amos

When God brings judgment, he also makes a way forward through repentance and renewed worship. In this sermon from the “Chasing Shadows” series, Pastor Nathan examines Amos to see the marks of true repentance, like humility, wholeheartedly seeking God, caring for others’ needs, and pursuing justice. He also explores what renewed worship looks like, going beyond outward actions to flow from an inner heart change. There is hope when we turn back to God, foreshadowing the ultimate restoration through Christ.

Discussion Questions:

1. Where have you experienced “outward obedience but no heart change” spiritually? What’s the danger there?
2. How can cultural traditions or preferences potentially distort biblical worship? What helps you stay focused?
3. What selfish pursuits might be distracting you from wholeheartedly seeking God? What changes can you make?
4. How is caring for the needy evidence of a repentant heart? Where can you show more compassion?
5. Do people see the “fruit” of repentance and renewed worship in your life? What first steps can you take?