Spiritual Growth

April 30, 2023

Series: Awoke

Have you ever wondered how a church can grow? Is it the friendly people, great music, strong Bible teaching, or the youth and children’s programs? Well, Pastor Rick Vannoy has a different perspective on this. He believes that a church can only grow if the people in it are growing spiritually. In his 9th sermon on Ephesians, Pastor Vannoy discusses three keys to spiritual growth that can help grow a church. He reminds us that each and every person in the church has a unique gift that is important to the body, not just the leaders. And if you’re not sure what your gift is, don’t worry! Pastor Vannoy is happy to help you figure it out. He emphasizes the importance of following Jesus Christ’s methodology, using one’s gifts, and following instructions. And if you’re feeling unprepared or under-equipped, fear not! “Equipping,” which comes from the Greek word for “to smash,” means to be prepared, trained, and strengthened. To drive home his point, Pastor Vannoy shares a personal story of climbing Longs Peak and the importance of preparation in accomplishing a task successfully. He also addresses the issue of Christians not using their spiritual gifts in the church and encourages listeners to recognize and utilize their gifts for the growth of the body of Christ. So, if you want to be a part of a vibrant and dynamic church, it’s time to get growing! Don’t be like a potted plant that just sits there looking pretty but doesn’t do much. Instead, be like a sunflower that reaches for the sun and gives life to others. Come join the team and let’s build up the body of Christ together!