Ready, Set, Move – VBS 2023

June 13, 2023

Join us for an inspiring sermon by Pastor Matt as he recaps our recent Vacation Bible School (VBS) program at Discovery Fellowship Church. Discover the joy of following Jesus and the impact of His teachings in our lives. Gratitude to our incredible volunteers who made VBS a success! We appreciate your dedication and love for our children. Explore the power of the Bible in understanding Jesus’ teachings and how they apply to us. Let His words transform your life. Uncover the awe-inspiring ministry of Jesus and the amazement He brought to the crowds. Build a strong foundation by putting Jesus’ teachings into practice. Find stability and purpose in Him. Witness the disciples’ belief in Jesus’ specialness and be inspired to deepen your own faith. Reflect on Jesus’ question about His identity and how it relates to our personal faith. #JesusIdentity Experience the message of forgiveness and love through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Embrace His love and find eternal forgiveness. Join us as we recap the exciting VBS and delve into the teachings of Jesus. Let’s follow Him, believe in His message, and spread His love to the world. Don’t miss out!