On the Way to the Altar

December 27, 2023

Welcome to the special Christmas Eve episode of the Discovery Fellowship Church podcast, featuring Pastor Rick’s moving sermon “On the Way to the Altar.” In this episode, Pastor Rick shares the compelling story of Zachariah and Elizabeth, exploring themes of faith, hope, and divine intervention.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does the story of Zachariah and Elizabeth challenge your understanding of faith and answered prayers?
  2. In what ways does Pastor Rick’s message inspire you to rethink the role of religion and relationship with God in your life?
  3. Can you identify a personal situation where you need to trust in God’s timing and plan?
  4. How does the concept of ‘miracles’ manifest in your life, especially during the Christmas season?
  5. What steps can you take to strengthen your personal relationship with God, moving beyond religious rituals?

Tune in to this heartwarming sermon and find new ways to embrace the miraculous essence of the holiday season. 🌟