March 26, 2023
Series: Awoke
Book: Ephesians

Speaker: Matt Braggins

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In this sixth message of the “Awoke” sermon series, Pastor Matt Braggins delves into the book of Ephesians and tackles the question: what is the mystery of the Gospel? The first two chapters of Ephesians covered God’s work through Christ Jesus to redeem sinners and unify them as the Body of Christ. But in Chapter 3, Paul gets sidetracked and writes about the gospel message instead. So, what is the mystery of the Gospel? And why is it important for us to approach it with anticipation rather than obligation, even if we’re familiar with it? Join us as we explore the transformative power of the Gospel and how it reconciles people to God, removes dividing walls, and brings unity among people. We’ll also discuss the importance of the church in God’s plan and how it’s a cosmic declaration of God’s wisdom through the work of Christ. Don’t miss out on this message of grace that’s for everyone, not just specific groups. Tune in to Pastor Matt Braggins’ sermon on Mystery and be awakened to the mystery of the Gospel.