How Cold Are You?

June 4, 2024

Book: Exodus

Ever feel like your spiritual life has gone cold? You’re not alone. In this sermon, Pastor Rick from Discovery Fellowship Church in Fort Collins, Colorado, dives into Exodus chapter 3, where Moses encounters God in the burning bush. This powerful message explores how we can reignite our spiritual fire and reconnect with God, even when we feel distant or worn out.

Through personal stories and biblical insights, Pastor Rick discusses the inevitability of aging and change, and how these can lead to spiritual coldness. He shares practical steps for rekindling our relationship with God, highlighting the importance of turning towards Him, embracing humility, and understanding His passions and purposes for our lives.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get back to a place of warmth and vibrancy in your faith, this sermon is for you. Join us as we explore God’s timeless truths and learn how to keep our spiritual fire burning brightly.

Discussion Questions for Small Groups:

  1. Pastor Rick talks about the inevitability of change and aging. How have these factors impacted your spiritual life, and how can you navigate them to stay connected with God?
  2. Moses’ encounter with the burning bush was a turning point in his life. Have you experienced a similar pivotal moment in your faith journey? Share your experience and its impact.
  3. Pastor Rick mentions the dangers of becoming spiritually cold through busyness, laziness, and loss of purpose. Which of these do you struggle with the most, and how can you address it?
  4. How can embracing humility and stripping away pretenses help us draw closer to God? Discuss practical ways to cultivate humility in your daily life.
  5. What steps can you take this week to reignite your spiritual passion and align your heart with God’s passions and purposes?