How Can This Be?

January 28, 2024

Book: John

Join Pastor Rick Vannoy as he presents an inspiring sermon titled “How Can This Be?”. Delve into a deep exploration of faith, focusing on the story of Nicodemus and the profound concept of being ‘born again’ from John 3. This sermon connects ancient wisdom with modern-day challenges, offering a unique perspective on spiritual rebirth and growth.

Join us for a journey of faith and understanding, and be sure to engage with our discussion questions designed for small groups or personal reflection.

Discussion Questions

1. How does the concept of being ‘born again’ challenge or affirm your current spiritual understanding?
2.  What can we learn from Nicodemus’s approach to Jesus and how does this reflect our own spiritual journey?
3. In what ways do we, like Nicodemus, focus more on the physical aspects of faith rather than the spiritual? How can we shift our focus?
4.  What practical steps can we take to incorporate the lessons from this sermon into our daily lives?
5. How does the message of this sermon change your perspective on God’s love and the meaning of faith in your life?