Here Comes the Judge

April 30, 2024

Series: Diving Deep

Book: Jonah

Join Pastor Rick for the latest sermon in our series on the Book of Jonah. Today, we delve into Jonah’s mission to Nineveh and the dramatic changes it sparked. Learn about the importance of repentance and the profound mercy of God when an entire city transformed upon hearing Jonah’s prophetic warning. If you’ve ever questioned the impact one can have or the depth of divine forgiveness, this discussion offers deep insights.

Explore These Questions in Your Study or Discussion Groups:

  1. How does Nineveh’s repentance deepen our understanding of God’s mercy?
  2. What challenges does Jonah’s mission to Nineveh pose for our response to divine commands?
  3. What can we learn about societal change from Jonah’s impact on Nineveh?
  4. How can the principles of repentance and forgiveness observed in Nineveh be applied to today’s societal issues?
  5. Recall a time when a message or piece of advice changed your perspective significantly. How did it influence your actions?

These questions are ideal for deep reflection or group discussions, aiming to uncover the enduring power of faith and repentance as demonstrated in Jonah’s transformative mission to Nineveh.

Continue to follow our series as we unearth the timeless lessons from the story of Jonah, applicable to our everyday lives. Make sure to like and subscribe for more thoughtful content. Blessings!