For Me to Live

September 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered what makes life truly meaningful? In this sermon, Pastor Rick Vannoy continues his series “Together We’re Better” by exploring Philippians 1 and how the Apostle Paul found purpose despite difficult circumstances.

Paul’s imprisonment became an opportunity to share Christ with Caesar’s elite guards. His future deliverance would come through prayer and God’s provision. For Paul, living meant serving Jesus wholeheartedly, no matter the cost.

Discussion questions:

1. When have you viewed a difficult circumstance as an opportunity for the gospel?

2. How can we gain Paul’s perspective of finding purpose in all situations?

3. Is there any area of your life not fully surrendered to God’s purposes?

4. How can our church family encourage one another to shine for Christ?

5. What step can you take this week to live out your calling from God?

Get equipped to live out your purpose with this encouraging message. Discover how you can make your life count for Christ as part of God’s eternal plans.