March 13, 2023

Series: Awoke

Book: Ephesians

Hey everyone, have you ever experienced the death of a loved one? It can be a tough and emotional time, and it can make us realize that death is an enemy that cannot be changed. In this week’s sermon, Pastor Rick Vannoy continues the “Awoke” series with a message titled “Charge!” He reflects on his own experience with the death of his uncle and how it relates to the message of Ephesians chapter 2. The passage talks about how humanity was spiritually dead before being saved by God’s grace. Pastor Rick emphasizes the power of God in raising Jesus Christ from the dead and in saving believers from their spiritual death. He also emphasizes how salvation is a gift from God and cannot be earned through our actions. But that’s not all, the passage also discusses how we are God’s special project, created for good works that were prepared beforehand. Pastor Rick encourages us to live like we are alive, wide awake, and to trust in Jesus Christ as our personal savior.