When I say “anointed”, images of young David kneeling before the prophet Samuel come to mind. Anointments of the modern persuasion come to mind, especially by those who are more charismatic leaning, getting either a drop or a flask dumped on them each week. John in his first letter to the church warned us about false teachers, especially around anointment. The image of David receiving the anointment was a foreshadowing of the anointing we as followers of Christ have received. The anointing of a king or a prophet in the Old Testament was a symbol of the power and the Spirit of God being poured out on someone. Oil was used as it stayed on the skin much longer than other substances and it leaves a stain on the clothes, a permanent symbol of the spiritual change in our lives.

John warns his readers about false teachers in Chapter 2:27. These people were leading the church astray saying that we could lose the Holy Spirit in our lives. Once we have received the Spirit, no one can take Him away from us. We don’t need a “fresh outpouring” as He never left or got weak. It isn’t like deodorant that can be overwhelmed by stinky sweat; it is much more like home filled with bacon being smoked (mmmmm bacon). We had recent experience when we had nearly 50 pounds of bacon and ham to smoke from the 2 hogs we slaughtered. The aroma filled the porch, leaked into our house and stuck around long after I was done smoking. My bride (whose nose is much more sensitive than mine) said it still smelled like hickory and pig three weeks later.

The same is true for our anointing with the Holy Spirit. It isn’t overwhelmed by our deeds, but His presence is felt and smelt long after we stop focusing on Him. That is likely the need for a “fresh outpouring”; He is still the same, we just stopped noticing Him, or like I did became so used to the smell I didn’t notice it. His anointing, coming into and pouring over our lives is more permanent than an oil slick on our forehead or a drizzle over our heads and onto our favorite shirts, so much more than smokey scents that waft into our home. This outpouring of the Holy Spirit allows Him to be our ever-present teacher. He is always there to bring us the instruction, guidance and insights that we need, right when we need them. I encourage us all to stop, and smell the bacon, and remain in the amazing blessing of having the Holy Spirit present in our lives!