There are many who were confused, or even offended by my last posting. Jeremiah, you ask, do you sin? “Yes, every day, if not every minute I do, say, or think something that is contrary to God’s Holy nature.” I reply. What do you call someone who sins? I obviously reply “a sinner”. So Jeremiah, how dare you say that you “were” a sinner and are now a saint who sins? I am glad you ask. I am not living in a fairy tale land where I think I am perfect, never sinning and always in perfect alignment with Jesus will for my life. I KNOW that is not true. Then what am I talking about? I am asking all of us to simply recognize and live in the new state, as a legal transaction has occurred and therefore, we can, and should, look at ourselves differently.  Let me use this example, and I know it doesn’t resonate with the kids and teens as much as us “old folks”. I used to be single, then on a Saturday in September I married the love of my earthly life, my Bride, Carole. I often travel for work, and during those weeks I am single, i.e. alone, and often on the other side of the globe, so we sometimes don’t even talk during those trips. Now it would be easy to claim to be single, but that is not who I am anymore. Even though I am “being” single, I eat alone, watch TV alone, sleep alone, being single isn’t who I am anymore. Similarly in our walk with Jesus, he has redeemed us, paid a price, used the coupon on us, and we are no longer free to be sinners as we are now His bride, and called that. The term sinner, hamartolos, one who is devoted to sinning, is used 45 times in the New Testament and NEVER is it used to describe someone in the Church. We were sinners, who were saved by grace and now have a chance to live according to our new legal status as citizens of heaven, righteous, redeemed, children of the king. Now these various titles often are used and abused and that is not my intent. I want to fully recognize that I am not my own, that I have been bought with a price and therefore these titles should have me walk differently. It is also CRITICAL to recognize that I don’t deserve these things, I am nothing special, just ask my closest friends and family, they all know my faults and how I repeatedly fail to live up to how God sees me. I wasn’t picked out of a lineup as the best looking, smartest, fastest, or for any “good” within me. I had nothing going for me and yet God chose me, and He also chooses you! Therefore, we don’t take pride in how God sees us, but we live it out, calling others to this life that we live and the freedom that we have therein. I invite you to be part of this journey. I have found over 190 different “am” or “have” statements in the New Testament and I would love to share them with you over the next several months/years. If you want the full list as a preview, just let me know. I will be going through the list semi randomly if for no other reason than to keep me on my toes. I can’t commit that every day or even every week I will post but I am excited and motivated to share these truths and engage with you on how we can all apply them in our lives!

If you want a deeper discussion into the myth of the Christian sinner, see the below article: