Who knows the thoughts of the Lord, who has taught Him anything? Those questions are asked in Isaiah chapter 40. Those heart wrenching questions when we are going through hard times, we have lost our job, our home, our friends. It seems like the world is totally against us (by the way the world is…) and we question “What was God thinking!?!” Why do I have to go through this? I am reminded by a quote from Brene Brown, and many others have said it as well. “There is nothing good in my life that I didn’t suffer for” We see that same in scripture Romans 5:3-5, that suffering produces patience, that patience produces character, that character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint. Those words do not make sense in a world that tells us to go for the fast, fun and free ways of living. Those words come from the Mind of Christ, which we have been given, according to 1st Corinthians 2:16. We can think differently about our circumstances, the world around us because we have the long game in mind. We are not worried, no that is not true, we SHOULD not be worried about today (as Jesus commands us) but we should be worried about eternity. We should think long term, pulling on the mind of Christ to not focus on today, tomorrow, our kids or even our grandkids. We should be thinking about what I do today impacts 10 generations from now, as well as what I am doing today impacts those around me for eternity. We have the Mind of Christ which allows us to put off the temporary hurt to restore forever. In the ideal world the person on the receiving end of the conversation also processes the comments through an eternal ear but we are not to worry about if they do or do not, we are called to speak forth, from Christs mind, the reality of the situation. Also recognize that means we speak using His mind full of Love, and Grace while never backing down from the Truth. I heard the parable of someone seeing their neighbor in hell for eternity. The neighbor asked, “did you really hate me so much that you, who knew the truth, withheld it from me, out of fear of how I would react? Yes, I made my choice not to ask but you also chose not to share”. I pray that our minds are truly reflective of His. That we are able to discern what is good and right for the time we are in, how best to speak to people that would make a positive eternal impact on their lives ,and those of their children and grandchildren. The more we press into hearing from Him (through Prayer, Accountability, Bible Study etc.) the more His mind will become our mind and we will think and naturally act in accordance to that truth!