The Worship Leadership Team at Discovery is on mission to Worship God, Love His Word, and Build People by drawing both the newcomer and the mature in faith to magnify the Name of Jesus in Fort Collins and the greater Northern Colorado area, worshipping Him in ”spirit and truth” (John 4:23-24). 
In alignment with this mission, the Worship Leadership Team is careful to prayerfully and strategically plan and execute worship sets that engage each generation, both equip and edify the Body, uphold timeless Biblical truths, and ultimately, glorify God.  
At Discovery Fellowship, our longstanding approach to song selection has emphasized a focus on lyrical integrity, comparing the lyrics of an individual song to Scripture. Some guiding questions we consider when planning sets include: 

  • What do You want to accomplish this week (service, meeting, etc.), God?
  • What songs do You want Your people to sing?
  • Are the lyrics Biblically true, theologically accurate, and are they edifying?
  • Does this song help accomplish the purpose(s) for the week (service, meeting, etc.)?
  • Is this song worth putting on the lips of our people? 

It is important to note that song selection from a particular artist, church, or publisher does not equal Discovery’s endorsement of said person or organization; personal discretion and accountability is advised and necessary. 
It is also important to note that songwriting is creative and poetic by nature. This includes the songs created for the intent of corporate musical worship. A grounded understanding and allowance for both lyrical creativity and theological discernment is needed by each participant in worship. To be inflexible, in either regard, can in fact hinder our ability to engage in musical worship. 
Last, when a song contains even one theologically questionable lyric, outside of the scope of human creativity, or a lyric that can easily be misinterpreted by the majority, it is our general practice to not incorporate that song into our rotation. This is out of deference between one another as members of the Body of Christ (Philippians 2:3).