1 Corinthians 1:4, I am always thanking my God because of the Grace of God having been to you in Christ Jesus.

We have just finished up the Christmas season, (when I am writing this, maybe not when it is being posted) most of us gave or received a gift this Christmas. It may have been a big gift, like a car, or a small gift like a matchbox car. It could have been a need, like food or clothing, it could be a frivolous want and I won’t dare to offend by listing all the things that I have seen given that I thought were frivolous. We often reflect on Jesus coming to Earth at Christmas and say that he was our greatest gift. However, a baby in a manger, a child in a house, a young boy coming home to Nazareth after living in Egypt for a few years, even a great moral teacher are not gifts worth celebrating. The gift of Jesus came one spring day many years later, when that baby had grown up and now hung, battered, beaten, bleeding, bare before all, bearing our sin that was placed on Him. Yes He bore the entire world’s sin, but I want to call out, as Mel Gibson did in the Passion of the Christ, I was the one holding the hammer and nail. It was my mistakes, my shortcomings, my idle thoughts, my worthless chatter, my actions that brought Him to the cross. He died for my sin. That is Mercy, Him taking my just punishment. If that is all I received from His death it would be amazing, glorious news worth shouting to everyone around the world and Northern Colorado. It wasn’t the end, not even half of it! We have been given GRACE! We have been given things we don’t deserve. We have all of these new names, new titles, new standings, simply because we believe. 

These postings are highlighting all the specific grace filled items we have received. All of His riches, all of His glory, all of His standing, all of Him, is now ours to enjoy and more importantly to share. The first example of what sharing this grace looks like is a new car owner, specifically anyone who has a Tesla. People love their cars and if it new they often invite their friends to experience the joy with them giving rides, even offering to let them drive so they can also experience that thrill. Their joy is not made less by sharing, in fact their joy is made even more BY the sharing. Similarly with the grace we have been given. We don’t get less grace, less access to the Father, less of abundant joy filled life today when we share that news and life with others, we get more. We have better access to the Father (if that is possible) and more joy was we see others growing in their relationship with Jesus. That is one of the reasons I want to share this with you, that you would also have that same grace, those same riches that I received for free, are yours to have. I pray that you hear and receive these gifts that Jesus has freely given and live according to our new life status in Him!