As a child of yesteryear, I won’t claim, at least in this forum, how old I was when “Get a Life” came out on TV. For those who don’t remember, or care to forget, this show about a “failure to launch” man highlighted the need to move beyond childish things to a full adult life. Or maybe you remember even earlier on a Saturday Night Live in December when William Shatner had a parody skit where he told all the Trekkie fan base to “get a life, it is just a TV show”. We can all agree that many of us have a pet project, hobby, or myopic focus on something that doesn’t really matter in the long term. It could be a collection of coins, dolls, or teacups. It could be a fantasy book, movie or comic book series, an obsession with an author or public figure, or sports, an apiary, or any number of things that fill our time. However, the apostle John reminds us very simply in 1st John 5:12 that whoever has the Son has Life; whoever does not have the Son does not have Life.

What does it mean to have life? To be alive; simply breathing, eating, existing don’t seem to meet the mark. There is a stark difference between being alive and having a life. Maybe it comes down to having a life means I have a purpose to live for, something that fills my life up with eternal significance. We need look no further than Shutruk-Nakhunte the king of Elam (1184-1155BC) for what a life without eternal perspective means. We can amass all the world has to offer, but if we don’t give back in a meaningful way, if we don’t have a vision for the next generation our greatest remembrance will be that of how we failed to do anything of significance.

So then, how does not having the Son mean not having Life? There are many others, great men and women who don’t know Jesus or at least don’t openly profess nor act like they do, who have done things of “eternal” significance. We can look back to Roman Emperors, or in our country, Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, and more recently, Lincoln. Within some of our lifetimes, FDR, Eisenhower, or within all of our lifetimes Elon, Bezos, and Gates. All of these people could of had it said that they “forever changed the world”. We can debate if the changes they brought around were good or bad, or if they will be known of in 50, 100 or even 2000 years. However, we do know that there are many who have an eternal impact, who have lived a life that glorifies God above all. We look at Billy Graham, Chuck Smith, Mother Teresa or more personally, Doc Stephens, Kathleen Harris, Erin Foster, Scott Cox, and many more. Men and women who gave of themselves to show the amazing love and grace of Jesus and how it can transform how we live this life. We know that there is more to this life and many seek to find that fulfillment within sex, drugs, rock and roll, relationships, “noble causes” or simply “making it through the day”. We also know through direct personal or indirect observations, that those items eventually leave you flat, or kill you as you seek the “greater high”. So we then are left with the challenge, how do we get a life, or better, how do we live out the life we have because we have Christ? Simple, yet not easy, share Him. Become better friends with Jesus than with anyone else and as you get to be better friends with Him you will naturally share what He has done and is doing with you. The benefit of the relationship with Jesus, unlike any of our other relationships, is that our relationship time is not diminished by others but multiplied. The more I see you growing in your relationship with Jesus the more I want to as well, the more stories you share about how God is faithful and Jesus met you in hard or great times, the more I reflect and realize He has done the same for me. And what is even better, is when we get to truly introduce someone to Jesus. We are able to share what real life is, and how amazing it can be, even if they don’t surrender their lives to Him we reflect back about how awesome He truly is.

As Elders, we have been preparing for a pivot for our body. We no longer want to be a place where people are simply fed one spiritual meal a week. We are a culinary school, where we teach everyone to be a chef, to prepare their own food, but also food for 1, 10, or 100s more each week. We are excited to invite you on that journey and recognize it will not be for everyone. There will be those who say they like receiving with nothing being required of them, allowing their heads to be filled up but never flowing out with love and good deeds. We challenge you to “get a life” by truly encountering the risen Lord Jesus and share that amazing life with others!