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Hunger & Thirst

February 18, 2024 | Rick Vannoy


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God’s Word as Our Ultimate Love Letter

It’s February and Valentines Day is right around the corner.  It should be no surprise that the topic of this newsletter has something to do with love! The three pillars of DFC are to Worship God, Love His Word, and Build People.  Have you thought about what it means...

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Home again

It is great to be back home again. I have been on a business trip to Sweden and while I love visiting Stockholm and Uppsala. However, there is something about being where I belong. I have taken trips with my family and having them join me during work trips is a...

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Oil oil everywhere!

When I say "anointed", images of young David kneeling before the prophet Samuel come to mind. Anointments of the modern persuasion come to mind, especially by those who are more charismatic leaning, getting either a drop or a flask dumped on them each week. John in...

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