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March 19, 2023 | Rick Vannoy


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Expression in Worship

The passionate love of Christ as demonstrated through His life, death, and resurrection deserves a passionate response from His Bride. When expressing our praise and thanks to God through music, how do we engage? What is pleasing and right before our Father?  Consider...

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Why Online?

As Pastor Rick has been teaching through the accounts of the early Church from the book of Acts each Sunday, one thing has stood out to me, specifically from the Apostle Paul. He travelled quite a bit! When we trace the missionary journeys of Paul throughout the...

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Why Do We Worship?

I saw a video several weeks back, where a young man shared why he walked away from his faith. Praise God, he has since returned, but one of his particular struggles with little "c" church culture struck me, and I believe should strike all of us as His Church. He...

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