When we are called, Jesus reached out of His infinite wisdom to grab us. We started off not looking for Him, then we recognized we were sinners in need of a savior. That is where many go into all sorts of odd places, finding “salvation” in sex, drugs, rock & roll, or the less dubious of, career, money, family, friends, fitness, or a host of other things. When God called us, He knew what we needed, what we wanted.

Before He came into my life, I missed Him so bad, I missed Him so bad. There was the “God shaped hole” in my heart that longed to be filled and He has filled it, and now that He has filled it, the process of sanctification (or becoming more like Jesus) begins. We were called, picked out of the myriad of options to have that relationship with Him. Now that I have been called and accepted that calling there is a tendency to say everything about my old life needs to change as a result of the calling. I agree there are aspects of the calling that should change how I act and how I respond, needing to be more like Jesus.

Yet there are many aspects that don’t change nor should they. Paul addresses this in 1st Corinthians 7:17. We have been called by God and He knew what He was getting. There are aspects that do need to change; just because we have become Christians doesn’t mean we need to stop living our current life and move to a monastery to live in solitude. He called us to impact those around us. He allows us to live where we do so that the people we naturally come in contact with are affected by our love of Jesus and how He has changed our lives. To live out that calling is to take our history: who God has brought into our lives, our past experience, both good and bad, both honoring and sinful and live in accordance to that call.

We are entering Baseball season (or maybe fully into it when you are reading this) and there is the dream of many ballplayers of getting “called up” to the majors. That call is a recognition that they have something to offer to the team, some skill that will make the team better. You too have been called. meaning you have something that is desirable, at least to God. You may not feel you have the best looks, or smarts, or skills, yet God has called you, He desires to have relationship with you and within that relationship He desires that you grow in love of Him and others. Please answer that call!