Elementary Children's Sunday School

During both hours, our Kindergarteners through Fifth Graders will meet in a Small Group/Big Group format. We are happy to present to them TruStory - A resource designed to reveal The Big God Story of God’s redemptive plan for elementary-age kids, allowing them to Anticipate, Celebrate, Respond, and be Blessed in an participatory environment. Best of all, TruStory begins in the home, equipping parents to be primary in spiritually nurturing their elementary child through weekly HomeFront lessons.

What to Expect: We will be meeting in a Small Group/Big Group format. During Big Group time, children participate in discovering God's Word through interactive games, songs, and storytelling. Children are given an opportunity to worship individually and corporately through song, prayer, respond time, and boldly declaring what they know about who God is. The small group time gives children an opportunity to engage in relationship—both with peers and leaders—as they do an anticipation activity at the beginning, and reflect on the lesson at the end.

Parenting Components:

HomeFront™ is designed to help you make being in God’s Word, together as a family, a priority in your home. Each week, you will have the opportunity to read God’s Word with your children … and the passage that you read together will give you the opportunity to front-load the weekend experience at church.

HomeFront Weekly

- Fun facts and ideas that will Inspire, Equip, and Support parents

- Weekly pre-teaching of The Big God Story

- Child-development tips for parents that align with spiritual formation

HomeFront Magazine

This Spiritual Parenting Resource is a magazine that gives families ideas for creating fun, spiritually forming times in their homes - setting aside a sacred space for family in the midst of their active, everyday lives. As the new issue becomes available each month, you may choose to print it or visit www.HomeFrontMag.com to subscribe to have the magazine sent directly to your inbox. HomeFront is also available as an app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

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