Why should I become a member of Discovery Fellowship Church?

“Membership has it’s privileges” as they say. By that we mean that church members have rights and

access to full participation in the life and leadership of the church. This includes voting privileges on

matters of congregational decisions, opportunities to serve in teaching and organizational leadership

positions, and representative input in the body-life of the local church ministry.

How do I become a member of Discovery Fellowship Church?

Whether through attending a “Pizza with the Pastors” informational meeting which is offered 3 times

a year on Sunday afternoon, or participating in a “Discover Discovery” class offered on the 4th

of each month, or by simply requesting a “Membership packet” from the church office, prospective

members can get all the information they need to make an informed membership decision. The

membership packet details information about the Discovery Fellowship Church such as its history, its

ministries, and its organizational structure and governance. To apply for membership, prospects are

simply asked to share a written testimony of how and when they came to personal faith in Jesus Christ.

This form is included in the packet. In addition, prospective members are asked to sign a “covenant”

statement indicating agreement with the vision, mission, and purposes of Discovery Fellowship Church.

Once these items have been completed and submitted to the Elder Board, they are reviewed and

prospective members are contacted to confirm a date that they can be welcomed into membership.

Why should I be baptized?

Baptism is an ordinance of the local church which follows the command (Matt. 28:19) and example

(Mark 1:9) of the Lord Jesus Christ. Baptism is the “outward expression of an inward reality”, meaning

a public identification and demonstration of an individual’s experience of having received salvation

through Christ. It publicly identifies the person being baptized with the death, burial, and resurrection

of their Lord.

How can I be baptized?

Simply indicate your interest on the “attendance” books that are passed during each worship service, or

else contact the church office by phone (204-6787) or email (melanie.stilwell@dfchurch.com) to express

your interest. You will be contacted by one of the Pastors who will arrange for a time to meet with you

to explain the purposes and procedure of baptism as well as coordinate a time that is convenient for you

to be baptized in a worship service.